Administrative System Accounts

CUIT Administrative System Accounts 

Different computer systems and services at Columbia require different access IDs and passwords, which can be confusing. Here is an overview of the major ones that you may encounter when using CUIT systems and services. If you need assistance with any ID or password, call the CUIT Service Desk at 212-854-1919.


  • UNI (University Network ID)
    The UNI is the first key to accessing many computer services and resources at Columbia. Each student, faculty member, and administrator is assigned one automatically. Note: for some people, the UNI and its password may also be the same as their e-mail address and password.
  • Central Server ID
    The Central Server ID (called "Username" when you log in to Central) is the key to accessing Central services. Usually your Central Username is the same as your UNI and it is set up for you when you first subscribe to the Central Server.
  • Outlook/Exchange Mail/Calendar
    Usually the Outlook/Exchange ID is the same as your Central Username and UNI. The Outlook password does not expire. If you want to change it, go to WebOutlook.
  • Administrative Applications IDs - Assigned by either CUIT or the departmental data custodian, and authorized by each system's departmental data custodian, these IDs are used to access certain central University information systems. These systems are: Accounts Payable (APS), Financial (FAS), Financial Front End (FFE), Labor (LDS), Human Resources Management (HRMS), Purchasing (CAPS), Student Information (SIS) and Sponsored Projects Tracking for OPG/GC (SPOTS).
    • Application-specific ID - Assigned and authorized by the data custodian of each application. Even though you have logged on to the application via the CUIT Administrative Application Logon Screen, some applications also require their own internal IDs and passwords (e.g., FAS), which are entered at the initial application screen. These IDs and passwords are supplied with your CUIT Administrative ID and password notification.
    • ID for desktop (client/server or Web) applications - Assigned and authorized by the data custodian of each application. You log onto these applications directly, without going through the CUIT Administrative Application Logon Screen. These applications include AP/CAR, FFE, and the Data Warehouse. Usually these IDs are the same as your UNI.
  • Local LAN ID - assigned by your departmental LAN administrator.