Microsoft Campus License Agreement

Columbia University maintains a license agreement with Microsoft Corp. to distribute several Microsoft products and product upgrades to specific campus groups and organizations.

University Affiliates Covered

Undergraduates and Graduates: Undergraduate and graduate students with personal devices, including CUMC, SIPA and the Law School, should visit the Microsoft Software Portal.

All Business School students should visit the Business School student page.

University Administrative Staff/Faculty/Instructors: Officers, Support Staff, full-time Officers of Instruction, and Officers of Research are eligible for this agreement if installing the software on a University-owned computer. If you are installing the software on a personal computer, please visit the Microsoft Software Portal.

All Microsoft licenses for software downloaded from the CUIT download site are authorized every 90 days by the CUIT KMS server. For authorization, the devices must either be physically on campus or you must be logged in to the CUIT VPN.

Who is eligible to download from the CUIT download site?Microsoft Products Available
  • Columbia University
  • Teachers College
  • Barnard College
  • UTS


  • CUMC students with a Columbia University-owned device
  • Business School students with a Columbia University-owned device

Windows 10 Enterprise
Windows 8 Enterprise
Windows 7 Enterprise
Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 Professional
Office 2008, 2011 and 2016 for Mac


Employees: Click your affiliation link below to see which additional Microsoft applications may be available to you for installation on all systems you use for your Columbia-related work.

University Affiliates NOT Covered

Some employees, including consultants, contractors, temporary staff, and casual employees, are not covered.

Alumni: Alumni (including recent graduates) are NOT covered, even if they previously were.

Visiting Scholars: Visiting scholars are NOT covered.

Retirees: This service is not available to either Faculty or Staff retirees.