Mailing List Management

Access and administration of group email lists for Columbia's users.

Also known as Google Groups, Mailman Lists, Grouper List, distribution list; formerly known as listserv.

CUIT offers mailing lists to the Columbia community to facilitate email communications, to be used either as a distribution list to communicate with a larger group, or as a contact address that directs mail to the individuals responsible for handling inquiries for a larger entity. Depending on your needs and affiliation, three types of lists are available: Grouper Mailing Lists, Mailman Managed Mailing Lists and Google Groups.

After you determine the best fit, CUIT will create your mailing list with the name of your choosing (if available), allowing you to populate and administer the list yourself. Please note that all CUMC users must contact the CUMC IT Support Desk to request a mailing list. Please visit the CUMC mailing list webpage for more information.

Grouper mailing lists are best used for smaller lists with fewer than 30 recipients. With Grouper, one or more individuals are assigned as administrators who can manage membership using the Grouper web application. Note that with Grouper, you cannot manage who can send mail to the group, there is no mailing list archive, and there is no automatic handling of subscribing.

Managed mailing lists are better for groups with many recipients and provide more features than Grouper lists, such as subscribe/unsubscribe functions for members, archiving, and moderation of who can send emails to the list. These lists are run using the Mailman software package and administrators use a web page interface to control list management.

LionMail Groups are similar to Mailman mailing lists.

How to Create a Mailing List

To have a mailing list created, please submit a submit a ticket to the CUIT Service Desk and include the following information:

  • Type of list you need (Grouper, Mailman or LionMail/Google Group)
  • Approximate number of list recipients
  • Group name and email address
  • Purpose of the mailing list
  • UNIs of the administrators of the mailing list


Simple mailing list were replaced with Grouper mailing lists in January 2017 as part of CUIT’s effort to offer more group management features to Columbia’s users.