Mailing Lists

A list can be used as a contact address that directs mail to one or more individuals who handle inquiries for a larger entity, or as a distribution list to communicate with a larger group. CUIT provides mailing lists and Google Groups/Collaborative Inboxes for Columbia departments and recognized clubs.

Simple Mailing Lists

A simple mailing list is created by CUIT who assigns one or more individuals as owners based on the request.  The list owners can then manage membership using a web application. Simple mailing lists are best used for smaller lists of usually well under 100 recipients.
There is no control over who can send and no automatic handling of subscribing or archives.

Managed Mailing Lists

Managed mailing lists provide more features than simple lists, such as subscribe/unsubscribe functions, archiving, and moderation. Lists are run using the Mailman software package and owners can use a web page interface to do list management. Once CUIT creates a managed list for you, you will be able to manage a number of features yourself.

How to Create a Mailing List

To have a mailing list created, please send an email to and include:

  • type of list you need
  • proposed name for the mailing list.
  • clear purpose for the mailing list
  • uni of the owner of the list