Mobile Device

Procurement and management of mobile devices (cellular and smartphones) for University faculty and staff.

CUIT offers new mobile devices and accessories, international plans (temporary or permanent), mobile device rentals, and cellular service plans for CUIT-issued devices. The prices and plans listed on this page apply only to CUIT-provided equipment and services.

On this page:

Pricing and Specifications for Available Mobile Devices

Available carriers: AT&T and Verizon Wireless

Click the device name to download a PDF with detailed specifications for each device.

Please note that CUIT does not offer cellular service for the Apple Watch at this time, as it is not yet available on government contracts or business accounts. This page will be updated with the details when it is available.

If you would like to order one of the devices below or the available accessories, please visit our Mobile Device request page.



MiFi Devices

A MiFi device is a wireless router that acts as mobile WiFi hotspot.

Device Insurance

CUIT offers device insurance at $10/month/device

Warranty and Repair

CUIT-provisioned mobile devices have a 1-year warranty. To learn more about warranty coverage and repairs for iOS and Android devices, visit our FAQ.

Device Rentals: Smartphones and Wireless Modems

To rent a device, please submit our online request form.

Please note: International usage fees are not included in the daily travel rate. If you would like to learn more about AT&T and Verizon international travel rates, please submit a ticket to the CUIT Service Desk.

International Services

If you are traveling overseas, please note that you need to submit a request to activate international mobile service on your device. For complete information on international service provided by CUIT, please see our International Mobile Services page.

Enterprise Mobility Management

CUIT uses AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to manage all mobile devices. AirWatch provides users with security consistent with Columbia University’s endpoint policy , and protects managed apps and company data. Please see the AirWatch EMM page for more information on AirWatch.

Follow these steps to establish an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) connection on your iPhone:

  1. Click the Settings icon.
  2. Select Accounts & Passwords.
  3. Select Add Account.
  4. Select Other.
  5. Select Add LDAP account.
  6. Enter server:
  7. Select Next.

Instructions for configuring LDAP in Outlook with an Exchange account are also available.

Please bring your old CUIT-issued phone back to CUIT’s office in the Studebaker building, located at 615 West 131st Street, New York, NY, 10027 (temporary entrance at 622 West 132nd Street). CUIT is located on the 5th floor.

CUIT does not support personal third-party accounts such as Gmail, third-party applications, or media synchronization.You are responsible for all of these. CUIT is not responsible for the loss of any media (photos, music, files) while troubleshooting a device. We recommend you backup your device before bringing it in for troubleshooting.

  • Every CUIT-provisioned device comes with a 1-year warranty, which covers issues involving the battery, the charging port, and screen. Devices with a broken or shattered screen, or any other physical, water or liquid damage are NOT covered by the 1-year warranty.
  • If your damaged iOS device is out of warranty or is not covered by the warranty, you will need to purchase a new device from CUIT. If your iOS device has water or physical damage, Apple might be able to replace it for a small fee. We recommend that you take the device to an Apple store for direct support.
    • Please note: CUIT cannot replace your iOS battery. You may be without a wireless device for several days if your device needs to be sent to Apple for battery replacement. We recommend you take the device to an Apple store. A loaner device may be provided upon request.
  • For Android repairs, please contact the CUIT Service Desk for assistance by submitting a ticket or calling 212-854-1919.

No. CUIT does not provision power adapters. Before you travel, please make sure you purchase the appropriate adapter for the country you are visiting.