Shared Drive Account Administration

Access to departmental file sharing and personal network folders.

CUIT offers access to departmental file sharing and personal network folders via the Alpha domain. Your files will be shared on CUIT's central server.

Personal Space on the Server

We ensure the security of your personal files by providing each user with 500 Megabytes of space on the server for personal critical data. The file server is backed up nightly, so your data is protected. You can also choose to put files on a shared drive so that you can collaborate with your colleagues.

Workgroup Space on Central

CUIT also provides Workgroup Space, a Central service that allows you to share files effortlessly among your colleagues. We offer hard disk space (in 1 gigabyte increments) that can provide your office with a private, secure workgroup space to share information, data, and any specialized applications that your office staff members use. Workgroup space can hold your office's custom, multi-user database or a set of standard office forms or documents. The space is completely defined by your office needs.