User Endpoint Backup

Backup and restoration of Columbia's departmental Windows and Macintosh computers.

Also known as Connected DataProtectorpersonal computer backup or desktop backup services.

Connected Backup is a CUIT supported local drive backup solution available to all Columbia University departments. Backups are set to run off hours and occur daily. Data is compressed, encrypted, and stored offsite. Connected Backup can be used to backup and restore data on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Connected Backup performs daily backups on your local hard drive, and you can retrieve the backed-up files as needed via the Connected Backup application.The backups occur automatically between 7pm - 7am daily. If your computer is off during that time, it will perform the backup once your computer is turned which could slow it down. It is therefore recommended to keep your computer on during those hours.

Backup information is saved for the previous 30 days.


Connected Backup storage (5 GB of compressed space): $56.20/year

Data is pooled for the department.


Your first backup could take overnight to complete. Exactly how long will be determined by the type of computer (memory and processor) you are backing up and your network connection. If you have several machines you are backing up, this may also contribute to longer initial backup times. With Connected Backup , all data processing (identifying files to be backed up based on date, size, archive bit) takes place on the computer itself, and not on the Connected Backup server. Subsequently, the speed of your first backup will be determined in large part by your PC. Your first backup should be done overnight, to ensure all files get backed up with as little interruption to your work as possible. Subsequent backups, if done regularly, will take only 10-15 minutes.

If Connected Backup misses its scheduled time either by loss of power and/or network connectivity, it will start a backup when the server sees the computer back online. Users could also do a manual backup within the Connected Backup application.

No. Any network connection is sufficient.

Yes. Your data is secure. It is sent, stored, compressed, and encrypted.

You can retrieve your data via the Connected Backup application. Once opened, navigate to the Retrieve tab and then select the file(s) you would like to retrieve.