About Research Computing Services

Our Mission

Research Computing Services (RCS), a team within Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT), is responsible for providing technology resources to support Columbia's researchers and the University's mission to be a leading driver of research, innovation and the advancement of knowledge.

Contact Us

  • For general inquiries, please email us at rcs@columbia.edu.
  • RCS is located in the CUIT office on the 5th floor of the Studebaker Building, 622 West 132nd Street.

Our Team

Alexander Antoniades
Alexander Antoniades, Senior Research System Engineer, joined RCS in August, 2014 after originally joining CUIT as a member of the Systems group in April, 2012. He has worked in the computer industry for twenty years in a number of roles, including staffing trade shows, writing and editing for technical magazines, as well as marketing project management for a software company.

Alex Bergier
Alex Bergier, Senior Research Systems Analyst, joined RCS in October, 2011. He has been at Columbia since 2001 performing research in astronomy at Columbia Astrophysics Laboratories, specifically projects related to dark matter search, supernova studies, and transient phenomena on the moon. Alex has had a long professional career that typically involved large scale data processing for diverse applications and institutions, including particle research (e.g. CERN), finance (e.g. Goldman Sachs), and others. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Stockholm in physics.

George Garrett
George Garrett, Lead Research Systems Engineer, has been working at Columbia since 1998. Prior to joining RCS in April 2014, he collaborated closely with RCS to assist in the pilot, planning, and launch of the Hotfoot and Yeti HPC clusters. In his current role he is working on provisioning and expanding the HPC clusters and assisting in the introduction of new research computing initiatives. George has 15 years of experience in Linux system administration and has a keen interest in graphics programming, artificial intelligence, and decentralized technologies. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Columbia University.

Rob Lane
Rob Lane, Manager, has been at Columbia since 2005. He joined RCS in September, 2008 and his main focus has been the team's HPC initiatives. Prior to this he was a member of Columbia's National Science Digital Library (NSDL) team where he worked on metadata systems (OAI, Dublin core), authentication/authorization (Shibboleth), and educational gaming. Rob has twenty years experience in software development and systems design. He has a BSc. in Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Dali Plavsic
Dali Plavsic, Research Systems Engineer, joined RCS in 2015. In his new role Dali will be providing end user support to the research computing community. He will also play a key role in the support and maintenance of RCS’s services, as well as assisting in their future planning and implementation.  Dali has been working at CUIT since 2006 and has a B.A. from Columbia University in Economics and Film studies. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Technology Management here at Columbia.

John Villa
John has experience in systems administration, performance monitoring and technical engineering.  Most recently he worked as a UNIX Systems Administrator for WebAir Inc. where he performed operating system maintenance and system configuration changes.  Previously, John served in the United States Army as an Infantry Fire Team Leader for four years.  John received his BSc. in Computer Science from Pace University and is a certified Linux professional.

Michael Weisner
Michael Weisner, the Assistant Research Systems Engineer for the Columbia University Population Research Center (CPRC), joined RCS in 2014. Michael supports the research activities of CPRC faculty and researchers on the Morningside and the Medical Center campuses, promotes the use of existing computer resources, and manages the Secure Data Enclave pilot service for sensitive data analysis. He also leads in the strategic technical planning activities for the CPRC, coordinates secure data management activities, oversees desktop/laptop support for CPRC associates, and acts as liason with IT groups across Columbia.  He has a B.A. from New York University's College of Arts and Science in Sociology & Environmental Studies.