Wireless in Columbia Apartments

CUIT wired apartments have 100baseT Ethernet jacks which can handle the fastest, most up-to-date wireless routers. 

To take advantage of these network connections, provide you with high-quality hardware, and setup a reliable and secure home network, CUIT is offering three Wireless Router & Home Network Installation packages to residents of Columbia-owned apartments! 

You must have a CUIT Ethernet jack in your apartment to sign up for this package. 

Wireless Router & Home Network Installation Packages: 

CUIT will provide residents with everything needed to have a wireless home network. These packages include a high-quality wireless router and installation of the router. 

Additionally, this package also includes the setup of a reliable and secure home network. 

Choose your package. Note: These routers are available only as part of the Wireless Router & Installation Package and are not available for sale individually. Payment must be made via personal check or money order.

Netgear WNR1000 - $25 + $70 installation fee: total one time cost $95

Netgear WNDR3400 - $70+ $70 installation fee: total one time cost $140

Netgear R6250 - $130 + $70 installation fee: total one time cost $200

Installation includes the delivery and setup of the wireless router, five feet of cables, and the setup of a wireless network. Each router comes with a one year hardware warranty.

Wireless Home Networking Setup 

To ensure that your home wireless network is reliable and secure, and to take full advantage of wireless connectivity in your home, the CUIT consultant will also setup a wireless home network connecting up to two of your personal computers. The cost of this is included in the installation charge. 

Request Your Wireless Router & Home Network Installation Package 

1. Call the CUIT Service Desk to begin the process. The technician will ask if your apartment is wired with an Ethernet jack (required for wireless connectivity). 

  • If there is no Ethernet jack in your apartment, the Service Desk technician will direct you to a web form to have an Ethernet jack installed in your apartment (for a fee).
  • If there is an Ethernet jack (or after the jack is installed), the Service Desk technician will create a ticket.

2. Within 1-2 business days, a CUIT consultant will contact you by email and phone to setup installation day and time.  You must be home for installation.  Your questions will be answered and you will be asked to confirm your request for the router and installation via another web form. 

3. On installation day, you will turn on the computer, give your check (payable to Columbia University) or chartstring to the CUIT consultant and show the consultant where the Ethernet jack is located. 

4. The consultant will bring all equipment, cables and your choice of router. The consultant will then setup and test the router and your home network to be sure all is working. 

5. You will then use your new wireless connection to confirm that everything is working according to the confirmation form. 

6. Should you require any further technical assistance, you can review the online directions or contact the CUIT Service Desk by phone at 212-854-1919 or by email - askcuit@columbia.edu. 

Additional Support 

Should you require more services in addition to the initial setup, such as adding extra computers to your wireless network or troubleshooting a non-hardware related problem, a CUIT consultant will come to your home for the standard rate of $60 per hour (minimum 30 minutes). 

Important information for residents using any other wireless router:

The support programs for all other routers have been revised. Click here to learn more. Combo modem/wireless routers are incompatible with the CUIT Ethernet network.

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