Contact Center at Columbia University

Columbia now provides a powerful contact center business communications by RingCentral inContact. No matter if your interaction starts with a chat, email or phone call, RingCentral agent desktop is a powerful omni-channel tool that helps agents openly interact with Columbia University faculty, staff and students. With RingCentral inContact, you can ensure that every customer interaction is fast, positive and effective.

RingCentral's four user products:
dashboard icon
RingCentral Dashboard
  • Instant snapshot of how your team is performing
  • Overview the issues your customers are experiencing
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RingCentral MAX Agent

Interact with contacts using phone calls, voicemail, email, chat, and work items. With MAX, you can:

  • Transfer interactions to other agents
  • Tag the interaction to categorize it, and create reminders to reach out again later
  • Use the address book to quickly place calls.
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RingCentral Supervisor

Help lead the way to full workforce optimization with these supervisor features:

  • Call recording, monitoring, and reporting
  • Agent scoresheets
  • Coaching tools, barge-in and forced log-out features
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Omnichannel Customer Routing

Let customers reach out to you on the most convenient channel for them at any given moment.:

  • Voice
  • Email
  • Chat

Check out these short videos to see what RingCentral inContact can do for you!

RingCentral Contact Center Overview

Today customers want the freedom to connect with you no matter the channel or device. RingCentral contact center's cloud-based solution enables businesses to provide a personalized and differentiated customer experience across any channel.

Built for your entire company, RingCentral provides: powerful contact center, business communications, and collaboration solutions that allow you to manage the entire costumer experience beyond the contact center.

Connect costumers with the right resource across any channel without toggling between applications. Collaborate with experts and share files through RingCentral Glip.

RingCentral contact center provides advanced call routing in order to ensure every costumer is connected with the right person to solve an issue. No matter if your interaction starts with a chat, email, or phone call, the RingCentral agent desktop is a powerful omni-channel tool that helps agents easily interact with costumers. Open APIs allow you to leverage the business applications your team uses to interact with costumers every day. Native integrations with Salesforce and others provides functionality where interaction details and notes are automatically logged into your CRM.

With RingCentral you can ensure that every customer interaction is fast, positive and cost-effective.

Close more deals and solve more cases with RingCentral Contact Center.
RingCentral Collaborative Contact Center

Your costumers' service needs change everyday and keeping up with that can mean the difference between success and failure. Your success depends on solution that can communicate with your costumers on their terms.

RingCentral Collaborative Contact Center puts collaboration at the center of costumer service and sales, enabling businesses to fill the promise of world-class costumer experience. Built for your entire company, RingCentral Collaborative Contact Center integrates RingCentral Glip team messaging to provide a powerful solution that manages the entire costumer experience beyond the contact center.

Connect costumers with the right resources, let agents collaborate with experts and share files with costumers all from the cloud so your agents can focus on your costumers. With RingCentral's Collaborative Contact Center agent groups now appear as teams in RingCentral Glip so agents and supervisors can post messages and exchange files that will reach the whole agent group, improving internal collaboration and overall contact center performance.

With RingCentral Pulse for contact center, intelligent bots monitor, in real-time, critical contact center metrics and provide automated alerts and notifications to key supervisors and agents directly into RingCentral Glip. Now supervisors can take immediate action to resolve contact center quality of service issues instantly improving the efficiency of the contact center's performance.

With RingCentral Collaborative Contact Center you can ensure that every costumer interaction is fast, positive, and cost-effective.



In conjunction with RingCentral desk phones and softphones, secure voice is part of RingCentral services which offers improved call reliability and enterprise-grade encryption for voice calls to greatly improve our user’s privacy and security.


The dashboard provides real-time and historical information so that anyone can quickly see what is happening within the contact center.

Yes. Dashboard is available to any person who is part of a team and has access to dashboards.

MAX Agent

Make sure your pop-up blocker allows pop-ups from RingCentral before launching MAX.


Make sure your profile is configured correctly, and that you're connected to the agent leg.