Electronic Document Management — OnBase

Management of critical business documents in a secure online environment.

Also known as OnBase or EDM.

OnBase logo

CUIT’s Electronic Document Management team offers OnBase as a platform to capture, manage, access, integrate, measure, and store business content, specifically data and documents. OnBase has the ability to integrate with University systems, such as Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC), Student Information Systems (SIS) and PowerFAIDs, as well as non-University systems such as SLATE, ApplyYourself, World Education Services (WES). OnBase also features capabilities such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), full-text search capabilities, eForms management, and redaction. Additionally, a digital fax server is available.

To accommodate the varying needs of Columbia’s schools and departments, CUIT has developed a tiered service model for OnBase that offers expedited response times, 24x7 support and expanded enhancement development services for those who expect to require more support.

EDM Tiered Business Model

OnBase can be accessed via OnBase Unity and web clients. To determine what client is right for you, please contact edm@columbia.edu.


Employees whose PCs are administered by their department should speak to their departmental desktop administrator before attempting to install OnBase.

For ARC users:

  1. If you have both Adobe Acrobat Professional and Adobe Reader installed, you will need to upgrade your version of Adobe Reader to its most recent version: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

  2. If you only have Adobe Acrobat Profession OR Adobe Reader installed, you should verify the following:

    • In Reader or Acrobat, right-click the document window, and select Page Display Preferences.

    • From the list at left, select Internet.

    • Deselect Display PDF In Browser, and then click OK.

    • Choose Edit > Preferences > Internet, select Display PDF In Browser, and then click OK.

1. Open a Microsoft Internet Explorer window

2. Go to the Tools menu, then click on Internet Options

3. Click the Privacy tab

4. Click Settings... under the Pop-up Blocker section towards the bottom of the window


Step 4 Screenshot

5. Under Address of Web site to allow type: onbase.enterprise.columbia.edu

Click Add

NOTE: Your machine may have a third party pop-up blocker installed, e.g., the Yahoo! and/or Google toolbar pop-up blockers. If so, please be sure to add the OnBase website to the list of allowable addresses to the respective pop-up blocker settings.

Step 5 Pop-Up Blocker allowed Screenshot

6. Click Close

7. Click Trusted Sites (Green check) under Select a Zone to view or change security settings

Step 7 Screenshot

8. Under Add this website for this zone:, type:

Step 8 Screenshot

Click the Add button

Step 8b "Add" Screenshot

9. Click Close

10. Click the Security Tab then click Custom Level...

Step 10 Screenshot

11. Scroll down to ActiveX controls and plug-ins and find Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls

12. Click the Enable radio button

Step 12 Screenshot

13. Scroll down to Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting* and click the Enable radio button

Step 13 Screenshot

14. Click OK to close Internet Options