Unified Communication and Collaboration — UC

Suite of voice, video and work collaboration tools for desktop computers, telephones and mobile devices all in one place.

Also known as: UC, RingCentral, RC and Glip.

Rather than switching between WebEx, Zoom, Slack, texting, Google Hangouts, or forwarding your desktop line to your cell phone, CUIT provides the RingCentral suite of products to manage all of your communications from one place. Columbia faculty and staff can now use voice, video and work communication services powered by RingCentral for computers, mobile devices and desktop telephones.

On your computer, you can use RingCentral’s Softphone, Meetings and Glip (messaging) software to manage your phone calls from your desktop, hold video conferences, chat with your entire team, and much more. Similarly, the Glip app can be used on any mobile device to make audio, video and conference calls; send messages, share content and even manage your workflow.

The RingCentral UC suite will replace wired desktop telephones (both ROLM phones and Netphones) throughout the Columbia campus and will be delivered department-by-department between 2020-2025.