Use Unified Communications (UC)

Unified Communications (UC) at Columbia

Columbia offers a set of features that will allow teams to connect with each other from anywhere in the world. This set of applications by RingCentral lets you make audio/video calls, chat, web conference, create tasks, update your calendar, and share files in real time—all in one place and on any screen. These features enhance productivity through technology and make it easier for Columbia University faculty and staff to communicate with each other. 

UC users can leverage up to four RingCentral products: 

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RingCentral Softphone

Switch from deskphone to computer to cell phone with Softphone, which also allows you to:

  • Call, text and fax from a single number
  • Easily switch to call forwarding
  • Record calls
Softphone user guides
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RingCentral Glip

Eliminate email clutter with Glip's collaboration tools:

  • Chat with your team in group messaging
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Team calendars syncing
  • Video conferencing
Glip user guides
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RingCentral Meetings

Video conference with ease with Meetings, using convenient extra features:

  • Screen sharing
  • Integrated chat
  • Team calendars
  • Audio dial-in options
Meetings user guides
Meetings video tutorial
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RingCentral Deskphone

Use VoIP to make calls over the internet instead of via a traditional telephone network. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced voice clarity
  • Long-distance calls over VoIP are less expensive than traditional cell phone calls
Deskphone user guides

Check out these 2-minute videos to see what UC can do for you!

RingCentral Softphone video overview
See how RingCentral empowers the modern worker

Lauren is a productivity powerhouse. And no, it’s not thanks to her morning latte. It’s because like you, she has secure, cutting edge technology that allows her to work anytime, any place, with the flexibility to call, message, meet, and even fax with her colleagues no matter what device she’s using. Lauren is using RingCentral. Lauren’s clients, prospects, and teammates know they can all reach her on a single number, whether she’s on her computer, tablet, cell phone, or hand cell. So as Lauren walks from her desk to a conference room, the call she’s on seamlessly moves from her laptop to her tablet without interruption. And this morning, Lauren used RingCentral to have a virtual meeting while sharing files and computer screens with partners around the world. After the meeting, she continued to collaborate on the project using her RingCentral app to message the team, share files, and assign and manage tasks. RingCentral even integrates with her favorite business apps like Microsoft, Google, and Box to sync her calendars, schedule meetings, and access her archived files instantly. No matter where you are, RingCentral empowers people like you and more, to connect with coworkers and customers alike whether you need to talk on a phone, have a virtual meeting, send messages, fax or to collaborate and manage projects. In fact, once you start really using RingCentral, colleagues may not even notice if you don’t make it into the office. Go to to make the most of RingCentral today.
RingCentral Glip video overview
Introducing Glip

Email. Ever wonder how much time organizations spend using it? [36% of a work day.] Correct! and since your team is already overloaded and stressed out, they need a better way to get their job done. That's why we created RingCentral Glip, a team messaging platform that energizes team members by offering a smarter, faster, more reliable way to communicate, whether they're sitting right next to you, or halfway around the world. And since we're committed to your privacy, you'll be glad to know that Glip is secure. With Glip, teams can accomplish more by reaching out in real time chat and screenshare, no more lost time waiting for emails to show up. Sharing files is a breeze too, just drag and drop into the chat window. Glip also integrates with all your favorite online tools. No more juggling multiple applications just to accomplish one task. And project managers love our shared calendars, making it easy to assign tasks and timelines, using priojects, themes or departments. Each team members' progress is always visible, offering greater transparency for everyone. Hey, great job there, Jen! And since we know your team is going places, Glip works equally well in the office, or on the go, so they can share and collaborate like never before. Ahhh, that's exactly what this project needed. Price plans start at free, including file sharing, guests users, tasks and integrations. Stop asking your team to fight their inbox, help them accomplish their daily tasks with more efficiency. Switch to RingCentral Glip now and watch your team work better, together.
RingCentral Meetings video overview
Maximize the value of your RingCentral service

The way people work today has changed significantly. Your workers are on the move; they call, message and meet using multiple devices and multiple apps. But they’re downloading these tools on their own, leaving it to IT to manage and sort out who's using what. Plus, none of these apps are connected, or tied to their corporate directory. And who knows whether they’re secure or compliant. So, while many businesses struggle to keep pace, you don’t have to be one of them. Fortunately, your RingCentral service already includes the tools that give your workers the freedom to work the way they want. By maximising the value of your RingCentral service, your workers can: work from anywhere on any device with one phone number; improve collaboration with coworkers, vendors and customers using modern messaging technology; hold face-to-face video meetings and share screens with a full team or just one person; and integrate RingCentral with popular business tools to simplify everyday tasks. All this in one user-friendly service that you already own. Your RingCentral service provides a game-changing productivity boost for your workforce, with one app for calls, meetings, and messaging. And you have the convenience of managing this entire system online. Your RingCentral service is more than a phone system, it’s your competitive advantage.

If CUIT has set you up with a new RingCentral phone, log in to customize your UC services!



The Unified Communication and Collaboration service from RingCentral is available to all Columbia faculty and staff. CUIT is currently rolling replacing NetPhones and Rolm phones with the RingCentral service on a department-by-department basis throughout the university. Department heads can reach out to for more information.

Secure Voice is part of the RingCentral deskphones, softphones, conference phones, and mobile applications, and offers improved call reliability and enterprise-grade encryption for voice calls to greatly improve our user's privacy and security.


It depends on if you are using a Windows or Mac computer, or an iOS device. Please refer to the Softphone User Guides in our UC User Guide Center.


To sign in to Glip, you need your registered Columbia email ( and its associated password. For step-by-step directions, check out our UC User Guide Center:

Follow these steps to log into Glip:

  1. Close the Glip tab.
  2. Open another tab and log into your RingCentral Online account.
  3. Open a new tab for Glip. Click Sign in.

When you are logged into RingCentral Online, you will no longer be asked to re-enter your credentials when you click on Sign In in Glip.

If this does not work, reach out to your network administrator. 

Sync your system calendar with Glip to be notified of upcoming tasks.

Click on the bookmark icon on the discussion/conversation. This will save the discussion under the Bookmark section on the left-side navigation panel.


Up to 200 people can participate in a RingCentral Meeting. 

A meeting can last up to 24 hours. After this, participants and hosts will have to dial into the meeting again.

Yes, you can start or join a RingCentral meeting from any country.

RingCentral Meetings generates a US dial-in number by default. When joining a RingCentral Meeting from an international location, you may join the conference using an international dial-in number.

You can also select your country's dial-in number from the drop-down options if you decide to join by phone. 

Open the Meetings application on the screen that you wish to share. 

If you wish to join a RingCentral Meeting but prefer to turn off your video, go to Settings, and deactivate the video option. 

For step-by-step directions, check out our UC User Guide Center:

Yes. However, calling in using a phone line would only allow you to hear the audio of the meeting but not see the video.


If you have a RingCentral deskphone already, please submit a ticket to CUIT to get your deskphone set up.

If you do not have a RingCentral deskphone, but would like to have one, please have your department head contact CUIT at

Your voice messages from the previous phone system will not transfer over to your new RingCentral phone, but you will have 90 days to revisit your old voicemails and take note of any important information. Check out our UC User Guide Center for steps on how to access your old voicemails.

You can transfer calls in two ways:
1) To inform the 3rd party before connecting: Press the Transfer softkey, then dial the number or extension of the third party. When your call is answered, inform them that you are transferring a call, then press the Transfer softkey again to complete the transfer.
2) To transfer directly to 3rd party's line: Press and hold the Transfer softkey, then select Blind and dial the number or extension of the third party. The call will be transferred immediately and you can hang up.

Press the hold button on your deskphone that has the image of a phone with the pause symbol next to it.

Hold symbol next to phone symbol