Google Search Appliance

Google Search Appliance

Google is Columbia's internal search engine. The Google Search Appliance (GSA) is a special hardware/software combination housed at Columbia. Having our own search appliance allows us to customize the indexing process, collection definitions, the format of results pages, and other aspects of search.

The Google-powered search engine provides:

  • fast results
  • relevance-matching using Google's proprietary algorithm
  • sorting by date
  • personal web pages included in search results

CUIT, which supports and manages Columbia's central web infrastructure and services, operates and maintains the Google Search Appliance.

Getting more information

  • Refer to the online documentation, listed above in the sidebar, for information about:
    • including your pages in the Google index
    • keeping your pages out of the Google index
    • adding a Google search feature to your site
    • designing a custom search or search results page for your site
  • Submit a request to askCUIT:
    • to have a web page indexed immediately
    • to have a page removed from the index
    • to ask a question or report a problem related to searching