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Columbia University's Learning Management System (LMS), providing comprehensive course management for faculty and students, including tools for posting course syllabi, lectures, discussion boards, online assignments and tests.

Collaboration Spaces

Academic Services offers collaboration spaces to academic, administrative and guests beyond Columbia. Collaboration features include access management, file repository and communication tools.


Provides an interactive computing environment to create and share iPython notebook documents that include live code, interactive widgets, plots, text, equations, images and video.


Provides accurate and secure data regarding University courses, athletic schedules, and other resources. Our data feeds are provided in programming-friendly formats and are available to any member of the Columbia community with a UNI.


Provides powerful tools for building flexible online surveys. It is easy to use and provides several options of data reporting.


Empowers learning with access to curriculum and tutorials on a suite of tools for engineering design, simulation, documentation, and sustainable design in an easy-to-learn software package.

University Events Calendar

Allows schools/department/institutes and individual users to posts and access events across campuses. Users can explore a wide range of academic, cultural, and athletic events happening every day at Columbia. Except as noted, all events are open to the public, and most are free.


Students are encouraged to use Turnitin before submitting assignments to learn correct form of referencing. The tool is also available to faculty and administrators when determining whether written papers contain plagiarized content


Video conferencing solution designed to help enhance student-teacher interactions and available at a small cost for other collaboration uses at the University. Zoom features full video conferencing functionality, breakout-rooms, Canvas integration and support for Android and iOS mobile.

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