Microsoft Software Portal

Welcome to the Columbia Microsoft Software Portal.

Columbia University undergraduate and graduate students, including CUMC, SIPA and the Law School, can download one copy of any eligible product free of charge under the agreement, and may keep the software upon graduation. Business School students should visit the Business School student page.

Officers, Support Staff, full-time Officers of Instruction, and Officers of Research are eligible for the software on the Microsoft Software Portal (OnTheHub) if installing the software on a personal computer. If you are installing Microsoft software on a Columbia University-owned computer, please use the links on the Microsoft Campus Agreement page.

Barnard, Teachers College and Union Theological Seminary students are not eligible for the Microsoft Campus Agreement software.

Note: Office 365 is not a service provided by CUIT. If you signed up for Office365 directly with Microsoft and you need help with your password, click this link for information. If Office 365 was provided by your school or department, please contact your school or department's IT support.

IMPORTANT: You have 31 days from the day you check out of the download page to download your software. If you do not wish to install the software at the time you download it, you may archive the download for future installation (for instance, onto a flash drive).

You will be provided a unique key for your installation.  Please store your installation key safely and do not share it. You will need it to perform the installation. CUIT will not be able to retrieve lost installation keys or software.

Before installing any new software, you should back up all important work first. Although unlikely, there is always the possibility of data loss while performing a new installation. When updating to a new operating system, back up all your work and installation files. Remember that you will be overwriting your hard drive with a new operating system.

To download the software, visit

Extended Access Guarantee: You may want to consider purchasing an Extended Access Guarantee from the download vendor, Kivuto Solutions.  The Extend Access Guarantee ensures that your download(s) and/or key(s) are protected for 24 months.  If you choose not to purchase the Extended Access Guarantee, after 31 days from the day you ordered the product you will no longer have access to your download(s) and/or key(s). If you need to download again, you will be required to pay a retrieval fee to access it again for another 60 days.

For more information, please go to the Help section of the WebStore.

For support, contact Kivuto Services from 6am to 6pm EST (Eastern Time) by phone 1-888-396-1447 or online at