Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery and Mainframe Support

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Involved in automation development of mission critical services on multi-platforms and support for critical applications. This includes EBIS, ECRT, EDM, InfoEd, SIS, PowerFAIDS and the PeopleSoft applications ARC and PAC, all of which run on various platforms (i.e. Unix, Linux, Windows, PeopleSoft and Z/OS). The team also is responsible for identifying job dependencies and integration among these platforms. The team works closely with application owners and developers to design, test, coordinate, document and manage change in sequencing and automating background (batch) processes.

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Storage and Backup Support

Provides more than 1 Petabyte of NetApp storage services to CUIT and affiliates. Creates backup services using Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) as well as DR replication to Syracuse and backups to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Disaster Recovery

Responsible for directing and coordinating the recovery of CUIT-supported mission critical production systems/applications. Works with diverse technical areas to architect, develop, update, and test recovery plans for hardware, software and critical production applications. Maintains disaster recovery command and control sites, and is responsible for aligning CUIT with University administrators as it relates to crisis and pandemic management.

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